Stay At Home Tea (fundraiser)

STAY AT HOME TEA (Fundraiser)

 STAY AT HOME TEA  fundraiser 

sponsored by
First Street Peck Wesley United Methodist Church

2309 Dryades Street   New Orleans,LA70113

Rev. Martha Orphe, Senior Pastor


 Take the time to Relax…

Sip a cup of tea… And let your Soul drink in the goodness of God through praying, reading the scriptures and meditation. 

 Take the time to pray for yourself, your family, friends, neighbors,and First Street Peck Wesley UMC as we are celebrating 179 years of Ministry in theNew Orleans community and in the world.

 Take the time to consider giving generously to support the future of the church  

Donations can be made in money orders or checks. 

Make checks payable to First Street Peck Wesley UMC


Calming…Soothing…Relaxing…        BLESSED TO BE A BLESSING!!!

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